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Eyeglasses in Delaware

Wearing eyeglasses is one of the simplest ways to correct vision problems.

Lenses are available in glass, regular and high index plastic, as well as polycarbonate. Glass lenses, although they scratch less easily, tend to be heavier and often slide down the nose. Plastic and polycarbonate lenses are lighter and safer than glass but have the potential to scratch easily. Scratches cannot be removed, but they can be avoided or minimized with appropriate care. Scratch resistant coatings can be applied to plastic and polycarbonate lenses.

Frames come in many shapes and sizes, so it is important to pick a frame that is best for you. Factors to take into consideration when selecting a frame include facial features, age, activities and the prescription itself. Often a strong prescription requires thicker lenses, which can affect your choice of frames. Ask the opticians of Delaware Eye Care Center about the quality and expected lifetime of the frame when choosing your eyeglasses.